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11:10, Saturday 30th June, Cosmo Rodewald

Director: Hu Tai-Li (Taiwan)

Year: 2006

Run time: 11'

Location/Ethnic group: Taiwan/ Chinese

Language: In Taiwanese with English subtitles

Production/Distribution: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

After passing

Deeply missing her now deceased mother-in-law, through this film, the director of Passing Through My Mother-in-law's Village reports to her the changes of Liu Ts'o Village caused by the Taichung-Changhua Highway. Liu Ts'o villagers quickly adapted to changes, and undertake all kinds of activities under the overpass. While facing the future, they keep on asking for the blessing of gods and ancestors.

Hu Tai-Li is a pioneer of ethnographic film-making in Taiwan. After graduating from the History Department of the National Taiwan University, she studied for her doctorate at City University of New York. Since 1984, she has directed and produced eight ethnographic films: The Return of Gods and Ancestors, Songs of Pasta'ay, Voices of Orchid Island, Passing Through My Mother-in-law's Village, Sounds of Love and Sorrow, Encountering Jean Rouch, Stone Dream and now, After Passing. These films have been widely screened at international festivals both in the States and Europe, and have garnered many prestigious awards. Passing Through My Mother-in-law's Village was the first documentary film screened at a commercial cinema in Taiwan with great success.

Hu Tai-Li is currently a research fellow at the Institute of Ethnology Academia Sinica in Taiwan, a professor at National Chin-Hua University and President of the Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival. A regular visitor to the RAI Festival, Hu Tai-Li will also be attending this year to present her film.