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AINU - PAST & PRESENT. The Legacy of Neil Gordon Munro's Film (229)

13:00, Wednesday 27th June, Stephen Joseph

Director: Uchida Junko, Suzuki Yuki (Japan)

Year: 2006

Run time: 102'

Location/Ethnic group: Japan

Language: In Japanese with English subtitles

Production/Distribution: Uchida Junko (HMJH), Okada Kazuo (Tokyo Cinema Inc.), National Museum of Japanese History

Neil G. Munro produced photographs and films to conduct his research on Ainu cultures in the early 20th century. The National Museum of Japanese History holds some of his work. One of the goals of this video is to reveal the history of films produced by him through the comparison of his work in the Museum’s collections, with the works in other collections. Another purpose of the video is to consider the meaning of Munro’s photographs and films for today’s Ainu people and their culture.