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13:45, Saturday 30th June, Bragg

Director: Li Xin (China)

Year: 2003

Run time: 35'

Location/Ethnic group: Kunming, Yunnan

Language: In Chinese with English subtitles

Production/Distribution: pending

Face Value

This film documents the weddings of three young couples in Kunming. Based on extensive prior fieldwork, the director used what calls an 'image on image' method in the actual making of the film. This involved using his own images to deconstruct the images, both still and moving, that the couples commissioned of all the phases of their rite of passage in order to preserve them for 'future memory'.

Li Xin studied film-making on the MA in Visual Anthropology offered by the East Asian Institute of Visual Anthropology, Yunnan University, Kunming, in 2001-2003. (This course was originally modelled on the MA in Visual Anthropology offered at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology). After graduating from the MA, Xi Lin participated in 'Imaging our Mekong', a fellowship programme for the development of print and multimedia projects in the five Southeast Asian countries through which the Mekong flows. He is currently enrolled on a doctoral research programme at Goldsmiths College, University of London during which he intends to study the 'mutual gaze' between China and Europe.