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GOD IS WITH US. Man, that is (256)

16:45, Friday 29th June, Bragg

Director: Jan Sosinski (Poland)

Year: 2005

Run time: 49'

Location/Ethnic group: Albania

Language: In Albanian with English subtitles

Production/Distribution: Kalejdoskop Film Studio, TVP-Channel 2

God is with us

This film tells the story of a woman who decides to become a man of her own will. Her decision has nothing to do with sex, her sexual orientation, or a search for identity. Before her whole family, she solemnly pledges to become a man. Her brothers will never blush from now on, as she is not going to bring shame upon them. As a man she must have no truck with women, but remain a virgin until the end of her days. This custom is only possible in the mountains of northern Albania. The entire local community fully accepts Bedri and respects her as they would a man. Those who do not know her take her for a man anyway since Bedri shaves and dresses like one. Bedri sits at the table with her brothers, smokes cigarettes and drinks raki every day. In that community, the women cannot sit at the table with the men. They do not drink, let alone smoke. Instead, they do all the domestic chores while the men talk sitting at the table.