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10:00, Friday 29th June, Bragg

Director: Cecilie Øien (UK)

Year: 2006

Run time: 41'

Location/Ethnic group: Portugal/ Angolan & Cape Verdean

Language: In Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole with English subtitles

Production/Distribution: Granada Centre, University of Manchester

Growing Pains

Júlia is a young Angolan woman who lives in a poor neighbourhood of Lisbon, together with her daughter Magui. Growing Pains explores some of the challenges they face every day, and the importance of the wider community to their lives. The story of how she arrived in Portugal and what happen to her afterwards is dramatic, and we follow her as she tries to make sense out of her life. As much as being a portrait of Júlia, the film highlights ambivalences that are common to many migrants in their feelings of belonging, the importance of intergenerational relations and the relation between the past, the present and the future.