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16:30, Thursday 28th June, Cosmo Rodewald

Director: Steef PM Meyknecht (Netherlands)

Year: 2005

Run time: 62'

Location/Ethnic group: Amsterdam/ Dutch

Language: In Dutch with English subtitles

Production/Distribution: Selfmade films

A Hospice in Amsterdam

LAt the end of Van Goghstraat in Amsterdam is the Veerhuis. A normal residential house in a normal urban area, where children play outside in front of the door. But people come to the Veerhuis to die. Together with family and friends, they temporarily create their own surroundings. An important fundamental of this “just-like-home home” is offering personal care based on the desires of the inhabitants. For four months, Steef Meyknecht filmed everyday life in the Veerhuis, having already worked there for three years as a volunteer. The film observes the daily routines of volunteers and patients, provoking questions about the death-denying culture that lies outside the hospice.