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10:00, Thursday 28th June, Cosmo Rodewald

Director: Gilles Remiche (Belgium)

Year: 2007

Run time: 52'

Location/Ethnic group: Democratic Republic of Congo

Language: pending

Production/Distribution: Les Films de la Passerelles

Merchants of Miracles

In a country without hope, torn apart by war, poverty and disease, it seems that everyone is on the lookout for a miracle. Luckily, in the Democratic Republic of Congo miracles are part of quotidian existence thanks to a few charismatic pastors who preach the word of the Lord and work wonders in their "churches of awakening." Reminiscent of the mega-churches in the Unites States, these gigantic congregations boast a mix of Christian values and traditional African beliefs and at the center of each devoted group of followers there stands a "prophet" who claims to be able to cure AIDS, achieve material wealth and resurrect the dead. In this reveling doc filmmaker Gilles Remiche travels to the city of Kinshasa where prophets and pastors can be found roaming the streets, holding court in auditoriums and on TV programs, to speak to the men behind this spiritual movement as well as the people who have chosen to follow these self-proclaims healers. Hovering between cynicism, megalomania and surrealism these prophets feed off the desperation of their followers whose generous donations feed their lavish lifestyles.