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PULSE, A Video with Alessandra (152)

17:10, Friday 29th June, Thaw

Director: Rose Satiko Hikiji (Brazil)

Year: 2006

Run time: 32'

Location/Ethnic group: São Paulo, Brazil/Brazilians

Language: In Portuguese with English subtitles

Production/Distribution: FAPESP, LISA-USP

Pulse A Video with Alessandra

This video represents an experience of shared anthropology. It is the result of the meeting between Rose Satiko Hikiji, an anthropologist, and Alessandro Christina Raimundo, a young musician who, for five years, was the second violin of the Guri orchestra, a government project that teaches music to low-income young people. The film presents not only Alessandra’s relationship to music but also her reflections on this relation, as they developed through the process of discussing, shooting and editing Virus of Music, a video directed by Alessandra herself.