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10:00, Friday 29th June, Bragg

Director: Richard Werbner (UK)

Year: 2006

Run time: 56'

Location/Ethnic group: Botswana, Moremi Village/ Gaborone, Tswapong

Language: In English and Tswapong with English subtitles

Production/Distribution: Richard Werbner, International Centre for Contemporary Cultural Reseach, University of Manchester

Shade Seekers and the Mixer

Set in Botswana` s Maremi village within the awesome Tswapong Hills, the film reveals conflicting views of dignity and ancestrality in a local context of religious pluralism (including séances, Christian prayer and hymns singing, a funeral, a wedding, and at a regional oracular shrine, a sacrifice). The focus is on a controversy over a popular, maverick healer, Rantii. This is disclosed while Njebe (a former patient, now the anthropologist film-maker’s assistant), and four critical elders watch an earlier séance film. Mixing local and exotic healing cults and divination with Christianity, Rantii is suspected – of witchcraft, of polluting the earth, of wasting his powers – but he defends his claim to a God-given, original mission, to seriti, shade, powerful dignity, even charisma. The film is the second in a planned trilogy.