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Publisher Displays

The organisers are pleased to invite publishers and others to publicize their books, catalogues and other materials at the Festival. A well-appointed room has been set aside specifically for publishers' displays in the Martin Harris Building, directly adjacent to the main theatres where both film screenings and conference plenary sessions will take place.

The organisers anticipate that there will be an average daily attendance of around 200 people, with fewer people on the first and last days (Wednesday 27 June & Monday 2 July), but considerably more people on the Saturday (30 June).

Display formats

The services offered are listed below. Please note that in case of UK or EU-based publishers, the organisers are obliged to add VAT at 17.5% to the charges listed

(a) publishers rent tables (0.6m x 1.20m) which they staff themselves and which they can use both to sell and display their stock. Charges will be £35 per day for a single table, £50 per day for a double, with a special rate for the whole six-day event, i.e. £150 for a single table and £200 for a double. The Festival would be pleased to offer any publishers' staff at the event a complimentary registration if they wished to attend film screenings or conference presentations.

(b) publishers send materials for display only. These materials could include specimen books, catalogues or leaflets. They will be displayed at a table under the supervision of a Festival steward but they will be deposited them there at the publishers' own risk. These materials will not be returned unless the publisher arranges and pays for them to be collected by an appropriate courier. There will be a straight fee for this service of £80.

(c) publishers send leaflets for insertion in individual delegate packs. In this case, there will be a charge of £80 per leaflet (normal max. size - 2 x A4 sheets).

(d) publishers opt for a combination of (b) and (c) above. In this case, there would be a discounted charge of £120 for both services.

Publishers interested in any of the above possibilities are invited to contact Alan Marcus at at their earliest convenience.

(e) publishers take out an advertisement in the Festival Catalogue. However please note that this will relate predominantly to the Screenings phase of the Festival only. The catalogue will be in an A4 format and charges will be as follows: full page - £125; half page - £80; quarter-page - £50. Due to the imminence of the print deadline, advertising copy must be submitted in its final form in a .pdf or .jpeg file and must arrive by Friday 8 June at the latest. Publishers interested in this last possibility are urged to contact Susanne Hammacher at (tel.: +44 (0)20 7387 0455) as soon as possible.

Logistics, Timetable etc.

The room set aside for displays will be open from 9am until 6pm and exhibitions may be set up and taken down at any time during this period. The room will be locked promptly at 6pm and stock may be left in there at the publishers' risk overnight.

Tables will be ranged around the periphery of the room and there will a space of about a metre between the tables and the wall for the setting up of display boards. The room is well equipped with power points and exhibitors will be able to plug in computers and other equipment, though they are advised to bring their own extension leads.

By prior arrangement, display materials may be sent ahead of time but to arrive no later than 22 June 2007. They should be sent to the following address:

RAI Festival Publishers' Displays
c/o Karl Spencer, Martin Harris Building
Bridgeford St.
University of Manchester
M13 9PL


Publishers wishing to register for any of the services (a)-(d) may use the form below. Once the form is completed, they should click on the 'Done' button at the bottom of the form and the form will be automatically dispatched to the Festival organisers who will then acknowledge the receipt of the registration and issue an invoice

Any further or general enquiries about services (a)-(d) above should be directed to Alan Marcus, Co-director of the Festival, at

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