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The Royal Anthropological Institute is pleased to announce that the following Film Prizes have been awarded at the 12th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film, London, 23rd - 26th June 2011.

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11th RAI Film Festival, 2009
CTCC, Leeds Metropolitan University

10th RAI Film Festival, 2007
GCVA, The University of Manchester

7th RAI Film Festival, 2000
SOAS, University of London

Anthropologists at Work: Ethics – Politics – Fieldwork

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Anthropologists at Work on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June 2011
What do anthropologists or ethnographic filmmakers do? How do they communicate and bond with peoples who they are working with? Nine different films give insight and critical testemony,of what it could mean to be an anthropologist.The strand provides an excellent opportunity to meet on screen influential figures such as Claude Lévi-Strauss, John Marshall, Napoleon Chagnon, Edmund Carpenter or Jean Rouch.
Saturday, 25th June 2011
Further Lane – anthropologist and archaeologist Edmund Carpenterhas assembled 17 historic buildings as his private residence. When he donates them to his local council they are on the move again. 
Human Terrain – examines and questions of the involvement of social scientists in an U.S. military programme.
Kuru – The Science and the Sorcery – follows scientists, D.C.Gajdusek and M.Alpers, and their research on Kuru a neurological disorder rampant among the Fore in PNG.
Secrets of the Tribe – explores the allegations, first brought to light in the book Darkness of El  Dorado, that anthropologists studying the Yanomami Indians in the 1960s and 70s
The Masks of Mer – a film about the world’s first anthropological cinema in 1898 by Alfred Haddon’s.
Sunday, 26th June 2011
Claude Lévi-Strauss, Return to the Amazon – a film about Claude Lévi-Strauss and the Nambikwara,  following his narration of Tristes Tropiques.
I Am a White African – Farewell to Jean Rouch – the Dogons, pay tribute to the late French filmmaker Jean Rouch, by arranging a traditional funeral ritual for him in the cliffs.
The Poet’s Salary – follows the daily life of an ethnolinguist and an ethnomusicology while doing fieldwork in Vanuatu.
The Red Sufi – is following the German anthropologist Jürgen Wasim Frembgen on his pilgrimage from Lahore to Sehwan Sharif to a holy shrine.