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The Royal Anthropological Institute is pleased to announce that the following Film Prizes have been awarded at the 12th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film, London, 23rd - 26th June 2011.

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11th RAI Film Festival, 2009
CTCC, Leeds Metropolitan University

10th RAI Film Festival, 2007
GCVA, The University of Manchester

7th RAI Film Festival, 2000
SOAS, University of London

Anthropology of Health an Well-Being

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The issue of health and well-being has become increasingly important within anthropology, as its research is more frequently used within medical studies and development programs focusing on healthcare. This has made the Anthropology of Health one of the most applied areas of anthropology today. This area of anthropology examines how different societies deal with worldwide health concerns, the history of these concerns and what impact they have on the future of their societies. Among other topics, it looks at disability, disease, treatment, traditional healing and strongly links to the anthropology of development where the question of world health is often debated, as well as the implementing of health care policies.

Over the course of the festival the following films will be screened, all of which examine a variety of central issues within the anthropology of health and well-being.
Arctic Spleen – studying youth suicide in Greenland.
Bunong’s Birth Practices – a film which examines social, economic, and political changes within a Cambodian village, which has transformed beliefs surrounding health issues, pregnancy and birth.
Drugs and Prayers – looking at a pilgrimage centre which has become a site of experimenting with new forms of community care in the mental health sector.
Kuru – The Science and the Sorcery – a film which examines the history of Kuru, a degenerative neurological disorder found predominately in Papua New Guinea.
no You nor I – set in a Buddhist temple and AIDS hospice in Lopburi, Thailand. This film provides a brief glimpse of how people approach death.
Ordinary Life – a film about the socialisation of people with mild to moderate mental handicaps in Dutch society.
The House of the Dead – a film about hospital-jails for the insane in Brazil, focusing on suicide within these institutions.
White Sunshine Weather – looking into one of Denmark’s largest institutions for people with learning difficulties, examining new learning initiatives used.
Other submitted films related to the topic can be watched in the video library during the festival:
Promise and Unrest (40)
Education Without Cutting (91)
Teko Rexãi - Mbyá Gurani Traditional Healing (116)
Rabbi’s Daughter and the Midwife (136)
In Our Hands (169)
Magda, Love and Cancer (193)
Shame in Time of Cholera (243)
Afflictions (257)
Chhau (283)
This is My Home (289)