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The Royal Anthropological Institute is pleased to announce that the following Film Prizes have been awarded at the 12th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film, London, 23rd - 26th June 2011.

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11th RAI Film Festival, 2009
CTCC, Leeds Metropolitan University

10th RAI Film Festival, 2007
GCVA, The University of Manchester

7th RAI Film Festival, 2000
SOAS, University of London

Migration in, to and out of Europe

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Migration Film Day on Friday 24th June 2011

Internal migration in Europe, as well as migration into Europe have become urgent academic and political topics, widely discussed in the media. For anthropology, human mobility has always been a key research area. But the dimension of international migration and the question of what migration means for different peoples and societies has become a major issue in recent decades, and contributed to an ‘anthropology of migration’, covering aspects from world refugee studies to labor migration and tourism.

This is reflected in the work of visual anthropologists and documentary makers in this year's festival, following selection gives insight into different types of migration:
About a Village – German-speaking Hungarians were forced to leave their home country in order to live their lifes in post-war Germany.
Changes – a student film about what drives immigrants back to their place of origin and the implications of return.
For Love – pictures three bi-national couples and their daily routines and struggles in Zurich, Switzerland.
Me, My Gypsy Family and Woody Allen – set in Italy, a story about Roma, the end of their nomadic life style and their difficulties to settle in Europe.
No Country for Young Man – a student film which touches the phenomenon of “brain drain” to Europe and the
U.S. in Iran.
Other Europe – a look inside everyday life of Somali and Sudanese refugees in Italy living under precarious circumstances.
Other submitted films related to the topic can be watched in the video library during the festival:
Burma In Pieces (3)
God, Balut and Ice Cream (4)
The Kue Seller Couple (5)
Still Life (9)
You Are Served (17)
Waiting for Women (28)
Undeva la Mijloc (38)
Promise and Unrest (40)
Mosaic Europe (59)
Living Like a Common Man (86)
The Journey (89)
Cuba Sentimental (93)
Gorelovka – Episodes from the Life of a Disappearing Community (122)
900.000 Frames Between Us (202)
Via Anelli (248)
Violetta: A Private Life of a Polish Immigrant (250)
The Return: Myths and Migrations on the Islands of the Moon (318)