One More Chance # 215

One More Chance

15:15, Friday 14th June, CMB 3

rai 215 one-more-chance

  • Director/Anthropologist: Mark Eby
  • Year of Release: 2012
  • Duration: 35 mins
  • Country of Production: Papua New Guinea
  • Location: Papua New Guinea
  • Ethnic Group: Eastern Highlanders
  • Language: Tok Pisin (English)


“One More Chance” is a documentary film from Papua New Guinea that tells the story of Siparo, a member of a local string band, who was diagnosed with HIV after being unfaithful to his wives whilst travelling with his band. Siparo initially withheld his status from both his family and his community, infecting his two wives with the disease before revealing his status. The film explores the family’s daily life as they work their fields, share meals, interact with the wider community and play an active role in their local church. The documentary provides an intimate portrait of family in PNG Highlands and how the family members deal with the changes in their lives.

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