Common Ground # 174

Common Ground (Charges Communes)

17:15, Saturday 15th June, CMB 3

rai 174 common-ground

  • Director/Anthropologist: Charlotte Gregoire, Anne Schiltz
  • Year of Release: 2012
  • Duration: 84 mins
  • Country of Production: Belgium
  • Location: Romania
  • Language: Romanian (English)


Twenty years after the fall of the Ceausescu regime, in the midst of a deep economic crisis, the people we meet in this film overflow with an unquenchable lust for life and reveal their personal, moving and often funny views on their lives, their city and their country. They are neighbours organizing themselves to pay the communal costs, they are citizens whose shared experiences are the blocks that build a European story.

"As anthropologists we are interested in the Romanian urban context through the block with its neighbourhood relations, its organization and its texture of lived experience. As visual anthropologists we seek the “singular individuality of things” (Bazin) and the close, personal relationships with subjects. It is our approach, the quality of observation which places our film in the field of anthropology".

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